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Brian Boehme

Physiotherapist - DPT

Brian Boehme Lethbridge Physiotherapist.
  • Undergraduate, University of Lethbridge, B.S. (Kinesiology), 2003

  • Graduate school, Idaho State University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Following graduation, Brian trained under a mentor for 2 years specializing in Functional Manual Therapy. Functional Manual Therapy is a well-known treatment approach in the United States which focuses on treating muscles and joints as the body is moving. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is also incorporated during treatment to re-educate dysfunctional or weak muscles. Brian recently finished a TMD course with Dr. Mariano Rocabado focusing on TMJ, upper cervical diagnosis and treatment.

Brian has a passion for athletics and is a University of Lethbridge Pronghorn Alumni, having played 3 years of soccer for the UofL from 1998-2001. However, his training is not only focused on athletes or those in competitive sports. Brian has helped a broad range of patients including infants, children, elderly, and patients with neurological deficits (ie. stroke, Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, brain injuries, etc.). Brian believes all patients can and should know how to relieve their own symptoms and spends a great deal of time instructing his patients in self-treatment techniques and home exercises to facilitate their recovery. Brian works with the rest of our physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and sports medicine team to provide the best care he can to his patients.

Brian has given presentations to college and high school athletic programs and is always looking for opportunities to talk with young athletes to improve self-awareness in avoiding and preventing injury

In his free time you may find Brian playing in the Lethbridge Men’s Soccer League, coaching one of his kids in various community sports, or spending time with his wife Emily and their six children.

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