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Ally (Sloan) Rollingson

Registered Massage Therapist - RMT

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  • College Diploma, Lethbridge College


Ally graduated the massage therapy program at Lethbridge College in April 2020. She has since become certified in Dynamic Cupping and is currently taking an Assisted Stretching course to enhance her
massage practice.


She treats patients of all ages and activity levels, and especially loves having kids and athletes on her table. One of the goals that Ally strives to achieve with her massage practice is to decrease pain and increase the range of motion in muscles and joints. She does this by working the muscle causing the problem and branching out to the compensating muscles that are working extra hard. She does this by using techniques like trigger point release, myofascial work, and joint manipulations. She loves hearing that people feel a good release of the tension within the appointment.


Ally grew up in Kelowna B.C. and she spent most of her summers hiking trails or spending time at the beach. She also played basketball throughout her school years and has a love for playing and watching
the game, as well as other sports. Ally likes to stay healthy and active by walking the coulees, hiking in Waterton, or going to the gym. She also loves playing piano and has been learning since a young age. In
August of 2020 Ally also took her course to be certified in eyelash extensions.

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