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Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians specialize in aggressively treating these conditions with non-surgical methods. 80-90% of musculoskeletal injuries don’t require surgery. Some conditions, however, do warrant surgical evaluation. A Primary Care Sports Medicine physician can help explain your treatment options and discuss appropriate referrals for surgical evaluation. Unfortunately, an evaluation by an Orthopedic surgeon takes 9-12 months in Alberta for most conditions.

We treat a wide variety of injuries and conditions, ranging from sprains and strains to more severe injuries, including fractures and joint dislocations. The most common injuries we see in our clinic include: 

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis & tears

  • Fractures - Runner’s knee

  • Sacroiliac instability 

  • Chronic ligament injuries

  • Acute & chronic tendonitis

  • Finger & wrist injuries

  • Chronic ankle sprains & instability

  • Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis)

  • Arthritis of small & large joints


Dr. Galbraith uses cortisone injections for a number of conditions, including:

-adhesive capsulitis
- small & large joint arthritis (ie: knee, hip, shoulder, basilar thumb, ankle, wrist)
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- tennis elbow
- shoulder impingement syndrome
- rotator cuff tendonitis
- trigger finger
- trigger point injections

Dr. Galbraith performs some injections under ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound is especially helpful for guiding injections for difficult or high-risk structures.

Dr. Galbraith uses cortisone injections for a number of conditions, including:

-adhesive capsulitis
- small & large joint arthritis (ie: knee, hip, shoulder, basilar thumb, ankle, wrist)
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- tennis elbow
- shoulder impingement syndrome
- rotator cuff tendonitis
- trigger finger
- trigger point injections

Dr. Galbraith provides casting and splinting for non-surgical management of fractures.

Cortisone INjections

MSK  Ultrasound

Concussion Management

Non-Surgical Fracture management

Hyalouronic acid injections, are a type of “visco-supplementation” injection used for joint arthritis, especially knee and hip arthritis.   Hyalouronic acid is a gel-like substance called which help lubricates and cushions arthritic joints.    It is a nice alternative to cortisone.  Most patient have 6-9 months of relief.

Elite Sports Medicine purchases Hyalouronic acid injections in bulk, allowing patients to purchase it at our clinic for a discounted price. The cost is $375 per treatment. Hyalouronic acid injections are sold under the names Synvisc, Monovisc and Durolane.

Dr. Galbraith is one of a few Sports Medicine physicians in Alberta that performs Prolotherapy injections. Prolotherapy is a type of “Regenerative Injection Therapy” that stimulates healing and repair of injured ligaments and tendons.  In prolotherapy, Dextrose, (sugar) is injected into injured ligaments or tendons. This causes a localized inflammation in these injured areas which stimulates the body’s own immune response, allowing growth factors and other healing factors to help heal the injured tissue. 

Prolotherapy is typically used to treat a wide variety of chronic ligament and tendon injuries, including: chronic rotator cuff tendonitis or partial rotator cuff tears, wrist sprains, sacroiliac injuries and instability, chronic ankle sprains & instability, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, patellar tendonitis, etc. 

Prolotherapy is not covered by any private insurance either, and is a cash-only service. Please refer to the “Prolotherapy handout” for detailed information about Prolotherapy injections and pricing.

Elite Sports Medicine is excited to offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections! PRP is an exciting, new field of "regenerative injection therapies" to help heal old injuries. A patient's own blood is spun in a special centrifuge to concentrate their platelets. These platelets are rich in growth factors, which can help heal damaged tissue.

PRP is most commonly used for chronic tendon injuries, such as:

  • rotator cuff tendinosis

  • partial rotator cuff tears

  • lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow)

  • plantar fasciitis

  • patellar tendinosis (jumper's knee)

New research shows there may be a role for PRP in joint arthritis, such as knee and hip arthritis.

PRP is not covered by Alberta Health or any private insurance company. The cost is $500 per treatment.

Dr. Galbraith is one of the few doctors in Canada that uses "Hydrodilatation" or “Capsular Distension” to treat Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder).  Hydrodilatation is a special type of injection that uses very high volumes of fluid to stretch or distend the shoulder from the inside – out, causing significant stretching of the shoulder ligaments that are inflamed and often scarred down. 

Following the injection, the shoulder is manipulated in the office to further stretch the shoulder ligaments.  Patients are then instructed to continue aggressive stretching at home.  Continued mobilization by a physiotherapist or chiropractor often provides optimal results.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Prolotherapy INjections

Hydrodilitation /Capsular Distention

Platlet Rich PLasma (PRP)

Frequently asked questions about Sports Medicine

Для чего берут дизельный компрессор в аренду?

Брать в аренду дизельный компрессор выгодно во всех случаях периодического использования насоса, бетонолома, отбойного молотка, прочего оборудования. Можно покрасить ограждение или иной объект, помыть автомобиль и фасад дома, выполнить побелку, шлифовальные и иные ремонтно-строительные работы. Кроме того, это продувка труб, демонтаж кирпича, пескоструйная очистка, демонтаж асфальта и многое другое.

В каком состоянии ваша спецтехтика?

Каждый из предлагаемых компрессоров полностью исправен и безопасен. Мы пристально следим за состоянием техники.
Благодаря этому нашим клиентам не требуется ожидать ремонта компрессорных установок и переносить запланированные работы.

К чему можно подключить ваши компрессоры?

Многофункциональность дизельного компрессора позволяет использовать его в большом перечне работ, к аппарату подключают:
- пневмогайковерты
- строительные степлеры
- отбойные молотки
- пневматические ножницы по металлу
- монтажные пистолеты
- пневмобормашины
- пневмошлифмашины
- и др.

Стоит ли брать дизельный компрессор в аренду?

- Такая техника полезна на производстве и строительной площадке;
- Временное пользование дизельным компрессором является отличным вариантом для выполнения сложной работы, т.к. вам не нужно тратить время и деньги на ремонт и обслуживание;
- Выгодные расценки на аренду позволяют избежать покупки дорогостоящего агрегата.



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