Family Medicine

Dr. Galbraith is board certified in Family Practice in both the USA and Canada. Even though many patients are referred to him for his expertise in Sports Medicine, Dr. Galbraith remains dedicated to continuing Family Medicine for a small panel of patients and strives to provide top-notch care for his patients. He is currently NOT accepting new patients.

Dr. Galbraith provides broad-spectrum family medicine services, including newborn, pediatrics and adolescent care, men and women’s health, care of the elderly, chronic disease management, and preventative care.

He also provides minor surgical procedures, including skin excisional biopsies, suture repair, fracture management and casting/splinting, injections, circumcisions, EKG interpretation, abscess incision and drainage, wound care, toenail excision, cryotherapy of skin lesions, ultrasound-guided injections, and ultrasound aspiration of cysts and seromas.

Like most physicians in Lethbridge, Dr. Galbraith no longer sees patients in the hospital. And, he doesn’t follow patients admitted to long-term care facilities or nursing homes. If a patient moves to one of these locations, their medical care will be transferred to the medical director of that site if the patient is unable to come to the clinic for appointments.

We follow “best practice” guidelines for prescriptions - antibiotics and narcotics are not prescribed without an office visit.

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Frequently asked questions

Scheduling an appointment?

Please call our clinic to book a family medicine appointment. We routinely reserve a few appointments every day for “acute” illnesses and injuries that require urgent attention. To help us with scheduling, please inform the receptionist if you have an “acute” or “urgent” concern. We do not have walk-in appointments.

No-show policy

We reserve the right to reschedule patients who are late for appointments or charge a fee for missed appointments.

Planning for your upcoming appointment

Please plan ahead for your doctor’s visit: bring in all of your medications (or list of medicines), and list your concerns for the office visit. We will strive to care for as many concerns as time permits. Another appointment may need to be scheduled to address multiple concerns due to time constraints.

Services not covered by Alberta Health

Lengthy forms may not be covered by AHC – for employment insurance or life insurance. Also, special letters may not be covered by AHC.

Hearing about your test results

All tests and labs are reviewed by the physician. Our general policy is “no news is good news”. Patients will only be contacted if tests are abnormal or if the physician has further questions.

Medical Disclaimer

Patients should seek professional medical advice for their specific condition, as their circumstances may vary from the general conditions/recommendations listed on our website.

Alberta Health Link

If you require urgent medical advice call 811 to reach Alberta Health Link.

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